Program ’17


9:00 Opening and Welcome.
9:30 Keynote

David Mohr Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Technology-enabled services for common mental health problems

Nitya Kanuri, CrisisTxtLine

10:30 Poster session A – and coffee break
11:00 Long papers

6 presentations x 3 min each


6 presentations x 3 min each

12:00 Lunch *
1:00 Keynotes

John Torous, APA Task Force Evaluating Mental Health Apps, Digital Psychiatry Harvard Medical School

Dorian Peters, Creative Director Positive Computing Lab, University of Sydney “Designing mental health apps”

1:45 Group Activity “Towards transdisciplinarity in Computing and Mental Health”
3:30 Poster Session B + Coffee Break
4:00 Panel Session
5:00 Closing of event + mingling

JMIR and Long Papers

(other accepted papers that could not be presented by the authors can be found on the JMIR theme website)

  1. Delgado-Gomez D, Peñuelas-Calvo I, Masó-Besga AE, Vallejo-Oñate S, Baltasar Tello I, Arrua Duarte E, Vera Varela MC, Carballo J, Baca-García E. Microsoft Kinect-based Continuous Performance Test: An Objective Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Assessment. J Med Internet Res, 19(3), e79.
  2. Park, A., & Conway, M. Longitudinal Changes in Psychological States in Online Health Community Members: Understanding the Long-Term Effects of Participating in an Online Depression Community. J Med Internet Res, 19(3), e71.
  3. Mowery, D., Smith, H., Cheney, T., Stoddard, G., Coppersmith, G., Bryan, C., & Conway, M. Understanding Depressive Symptoms and Psychosocial Stressors on Twitter: A Corpus-Based Study. J Med Internet Res, 19(2), e48.
  4. Chow, I. P., Fua, K., Huang, Y., Bonelli, W., Xiong, H., Barnes, E. L., & Teachman, A. B. Using Mobile Sensing to Test Clinical Models of Depression, Social Anxiety, State Affect, and Social Isolation Among College Students. J Med Internet Res, 19(3), e62.
  5. Nicholas, J., Huckvale, K., Larsen, E. M., Basu, A., Batterham, J. P., Shaw, F., & Sendi, S. Issues for eHealth in Psychiatry: Results of an Expert Survey. J Med Internet Res, 19(2), e55.
  6. Yarosh, S., & Schueller, S. M. (2017). “Happiness Inventors”: Informing Positive Computing Technologies Through Participatory Design With Children. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 19(1).
  7. Parra F, Miljkovitch R, Persiaux G, Morales M, Scherer S “The Multimodal Assessment of Adult Attachment Security: Developing the Biometric Attachment Test” J Med Internet Res 2017;19(4):e100.
  8. Regan Lee Mandryk, Max Valentin Birk “Towards Game-Based Digital Mental Health Interventions: Player Habits and Preferences”. In press.
  9. Sohrab Saeb, Thaddeus R Cybulski, Konrad P Kording, David C Mohr “Scalable Passive Sleep Monitoring using Smartphones: Opportunities and Obstacles”. In press.
  10. Koustuv Saha, Ingmar Weber, Michael L. Birnbaum, Munmun De Choudhury Characterizing Awareness of Schizophrenia among Facebook Users By Leveraging Facebook Advertising Estimates”. In press.
  11. Adrian Aguilera, Emma Bruehlman-Senecal, Orianna Demasi, Patricia Avila. “Automated text messaging adjunct to CBT treatment increases attendance and reduces attrition”. In press.
  12. Bin Zhu, Anders Hedman, Shuo Feng, Haibo Li, Walter Osika – “Designing, Prototyping and Evaluating Digital Mindfulness Applications: A Case Study of Mindful Breathing for Stress Reduction” In press.
  13. Peters D, Davis S, Calvo RA, Sawyer SM, Smith L, Foster JM “Young People’s Preferences for an Asthma Self-Management App Highlight Psychological Needs: A Participatory Study” J Med Internet Res 2017;19(4):e113.
  14. (Long) Pardis Miri, Robert Flory, Andero Uusberg, Helen Uusberg, Katherine Isbister and James J. Gross – “HapLand: A Scalable Robust Emotion Regulation Haptic System Testbed” PDF

Posters A

  1. JMIR Papers 1-7 (see above for titles)
  2. Mark Larsen, Fiona Shand, Kirsten Morley, Philip Batterham, Katherine Petrie, Bill Reda, Sofian – “Development of the RAFT (Reconnecting after a suicide attempt) SMS brief contact intervention” PDF
  3. Daniel Johnson, Michelle Grant-Iramu, Ella Horton and Jo Mitchell – “Well Played! Facilitating Social Connectedness Through Video games and Matchmaking”  PDF
  4. Jo Mitchell, Kellie Vella, Daniel Johnson, Nicole Peever, Vanessa Cheng, Tracey Davenport, Jane Burns, Ian Hickie, Anne Kyle, Brent Hedley, Brett Johnson  “MindMax: Using Videogames and Sport to Engage Young Men and Improve Wellbeing” PDF
  5. Jakob Eg Larsen, Kasper Eskelund and Thomas Blomseth Christiansen – “Active Self-Tracking of Subjective Experience with a One-Button Wearable: A Case Study in Military PTSD” PDF
  6. Emily Lattie, Kathryn Tomasino and David Mohr – “Application of the Efficiency Model of Human Support for a Depression and Anxiety App Treatment Trial” PDF
  7. Alicia Nobles, Jeff Glenn, Bethany Teachman and Laura Barnes – “Novel Methods to Predict Suicide Attempts by Young Adults using Personal Communication and Social Media Data” PDF
  8. Efrat Gilad, Ran Gilad-Bachrach, Daniel McDuff and Mary Czerwinski –  “Scribbling Intervention for Depression, Anxiety and Stress” PDF
  9. Hideyuki Ando, Junji Watanube, Han Long D. Chen, and Kyosuke Sakakura – “Development of Information Technology Guidelines for Promoting Wellbeing in Japanese Culture” PDF

Posters B

  1. JMIR Papers 8-13 + Long 14 (see above for titles)
  2. Mary Czerwinski, Chelsey Wilks, Marsha Linehan, Ann Paradiso, Kael Rowan, Arturo Toledo, Ran Gilad-Bachrach and Daniel McDuff – “Machine learning for Precise Targeting of a Mobile Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training Application” PDF
  3. Keke Wu, Pete Herzfeld, Xiaolei Huang and Gedong Zhang – “Hap App: A Mobile Design For Depression” PDF
  4. Oleksandra Danilina, Anna Cox, Andres Fonseca and Sonia Johnson – “Serious Video Games as Psychosocial Interventions for Psychosis” PDF
  5. Samantha L. Bernecker, Joseph Jay Williams and Michael J. Constantin – “Enhancing Mental Health through Scalable Training for Peer Counselors” PDF
  6. Denisa Qori, Rachel Greenstadt, Girija Kaimal and Erin Solovey – “Mental Health Markers in Text and Brain Data: Potential Diagnostic Use and Privacy Concerns” PDF
  7. .Federico Parra – “The multimodal assessment of adult attachment security: Developing the Biometric Attachment Test” PDF
  8. Carpenter J, Crutchley P, Zilca RD, Schwartz HA, Smith LK, Cobb AM, Parks AC, Seeing the “Big” Picture: Big Data Methods for Exploring Relationships Between Usage, Language, and Outcome in Internet Intervention Data J Med Internet Res 2016;18(8):e241
  9. Rafael A. Calvo, David Milne, M. S. Hussain and Helen Christensen (2017) Natural Language Processing in Mental Health applications using non-clinical texts. published in Natural Language Engineering   (DOI)


* We have reserved a spot for lunch at restaurant Altitude within the conference hotel venue for 25 people. If you’d like to join us, please RSVP at