Program ’17

Workshop Structure

Together we will look at examples of new technologies to support mental health and psychological wellbeing. The workshop themes are listed in the Call For Participation section.

  • Introduction & Welcome (9-9:30)
  • 2 Invited speakers. 30min each (9:30-10:30)
  • Coffee break (10:30-11:00). Posters to be placed around the room.
  • 10×3 min presentations (11:00-11:30)
  • Lunch + posters. We will arrange for lunch to be de- livered to the venue. Posters presentations. 11:30- 1pm
  • 2 Invited speakers (1-2pm)
  • Panel discussion + Q&A (2-3:30pm)
  • Coffee and discussions (3:30-4:00pm)
  • Open discussion on emergent themes, issues and moving the community forward.