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Preparing for 2017

We would like to receive your feedback and start planning the 2017 workshop and would very much appreciate your feedback.
Please fill the form below and share with others who might be interested.
We would like the feedback before June 15th

thank you!

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Preparations for workshop

Dear Participants

We are only a week away from our CHI 2016 workshop on Computing and Mental Health, and looking forward to meeting you. The workshop will be held on Sunday the 8th of May at the San Jose Convention Centre, most likely in room LL20D.

You should all have registered by now. If not, please do it ASAP using the instructions sent to you earlier.  This email contains some further information for those presenting.

We have oral and poster presentations as in all CHI workshops. We also have a large group of non-presenting participants, researchers who wanted to come, listen and mingle, but are not presenting a specific paper. We expect to have around 80 researchers, from HCI and mental health, so we are trying to have activities that will engage all, help grow the community and help us all learn from each other. Hopefully many collaborations will arise from this one day event.

As you know we have a stellar group of keynote speakers. We also have a couple of surprise guests, and some activities. The updated program can be found here.  Please note that the workshop will start at 9am. Please arrive early as the venue, and the conference itself are very big.

As a way of helping people find others with similar interests we have classified all papers in three groups: promotion, prevention and treatment. The labels are of course imperfect, and some papers might fit in more than one, but we hope they will give us a simple taxonomy to make things easier during the event. If you disagree with the label, you can let us know on arrival. We have uploaded papers to the website so people can have an early introduction to the topics.

Below are further details for those presenting

Instructions for Oral presentations

All oral presentations will be 4 minutes long + 1 min for setup. We hope to have a few minutes at the end of the session for important questions, but that is all the time we have. It is better to plan your presentation to be 3 min long and include just the key points.  

All presentations are asked to present a poster (follow the instructions below) so others can ask questions to the presenters during this time. We would appreciate if you send us the slides ahead of time (

Instructions for Posters

Please bring a printed A1 sized poster.  Each presenter will have an easel, A1 size cardboard and pins or tape. There will be a few tables near the posters in case you would like to present a demo of your technology, but we cannot guarantee having enough power plugs and cannot provide any equipment. Demos are often the best way for people to understand what you are doing.

If you have any questions please contact us at or directly (although we might be traveling and be slow to reply)

Best wishes

Rafael, Karthik, Roz and Pattie


Notifications sent and new deadlines

A few updates:

  • We received over 60 submissions, and we have sent all notifications to authors.
  • The deadline to send us camera ready copies has been extended to 12 February. We will publish the proceedings with all accepted papers immediately after that, in the workshop’s website.
  • The deadline to submit 1-page participant papers (not peer-reviewed) has been extended to 15th March

We are planning some interesting activities that will allow plenty of discussion and networking.

If you have any questions, please send us an email


Date Confirmed – 8th of May

CHI 2016 Chairs have released the dates for each workshop and confirmed that ours will be held on Sunday May 8th, 2016.convention-center-pano

The deadline to submit your 1 or 4 page papers is quickly approaching: January 20. We already have fantastic submissions and hope to see more.